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P-51B-5-NA - #43-6723 lost at Meppel (vicinity of) on 21-02-1944 (SGLO ref: T3440)


At the date of 21-02-1944, time: 1520, the aircraft type P-51 has been lost. The location of the plane was found at: Meppel (vicinity of). The unit of crew and plane is: 357FG/363FS. First flyer rank: 1st Lieutenant, name: A.R. Boyle. The plane belonged to the Allied forces.

P-51B-5-NA - #43-6723 - 1st Lt. Alfred R. Boyle - 10 mi NE of Zwolle - 15:20
357th FG - 363rd FS - 8th AF - 21 Feb 1944 - MACR #2418

19066788 - O-740355 - 1st Lt. Alfred Robert Boyle - Los Angeles, CA - Age 21 - POW
born 21 Mar 1922, WY - died 19 Dec 1951 - Age 29
Enlistment: 19 Dec 1941, Los Angeles, CA - Residence: Los Angeles Co. - Marital Status: Single
Last seen [?crash?] 10 mi NE of Zwolle
Injured - confined at Hospital in Meppel
Oflag 9A/H Spangenberg-Kassel Hessen-Nassau, Prussia 51-09

Alfred Robert Boyle

Thanks to PATS (see source link for more info)


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Search area more than 10 km
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  • Allied
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