HMS Bulolo


Coast of Normandy H.Q. ship for Gold Beach carrying tri-service commanders and staff Longues-sur-Mer battery opened fire at 0605hrs and fired a total of 170 shots throughout the day, forcing the flagship HMS Bulolo to retreat to safer water. nbsp; Read the whole story We were recalled to be sent back to England in time for the second front (D Day). We picked up Lord Mountbatten on the way and dropped him off at Gibralter where he flew home. On D day we landed on Gold beach. We were the first on the beach and we were fighting while other troops were still being landed. We were still there when the specially constructed floating harbour arrived but that only lasted about three weeks being damaged by severe weather. nbsp;


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Status coordinate
Search area more than 10 km
Eastern Task Force
Nationality of the unit
  • United Kingdom
  • Neptune June 6-30
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