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Jaloers makend mooi! Die zou echt heel mooi op de piano/ sorry computer ? staan! Fred Vogels @ 2017-09-01, 19:45
That's fantastic Fred! I'm very happy for you and I wish you good fortune (and a good beer bath)!!! The Dutch can be strange... Fred Vogels @ 2017-09-01, 19:45
Top Fred, gefeliciteerd met de nominatie! Prachtige muziek Fred! Hoge waardering voor je creativiteit! Wat mooi, Fred. Proficiat! Fred Vogels @ 2017-09-01, 19:45
great website ! best wishes Frank Fred Vogels @ 2017-09-01, 19:45
Keep up the good work with your website it's definitely a useful tool for people like myself who have in interest in war. Take care. Fred Vogels @ 2017-09-01, 19:45
The Nazi Terror map and Back to Normandy in general is an excellent website. I love the maps, articles, videos, and the link to your other website. This is one website that I will bookmark. I do something similar trying to pinpoint Nazi concentration camps, massacres, headquarters, etc., but I do not have the records or the details like you do. This is something worth sharing. Fred Vogels @ 2017-09-01, 19:45
Thanks for the great job. Its very important. Fred Vogels @ 2017-09-01, 19:45
amazing research Fred Vogels @ 2017-09-01, 19:45
Silent Night 2016. Prachtig en heftig. Het heeft me in de kern geraakt. Mooi en echt ---- geen woorden voor! Fred Vogels @ 2017-09-01, 19:45
Jeetje Fred! ERG onder de indruk van wat je allemaal doet en gedaan hebt. Eerst naar de River geluisterd. Prachtig! Toen raakte ik verzeild in Back to Normandy en raakte verstrikt in die films over de nazikampen. Vergat toen nog naar muziek te luisteren. Hoe kom je in hemelsnaam aan die films?? Zocht nog naar informatie over het Squadron 320 waar mijn oom als bomber meevloog tussen January 45 en dec 44. Maar die vond ik niet. Gelukkig kwam ik via mooie jazz stukken bij je oudere marimba composities. Prachtige corals en ook mooie tijdloze muziek. Als ik er meer tijd voor kan nemen duik ik er weer een keer in. Er is nog zo veel wat ik nog niet zag of hoorde.... waar haal jij al die tijd vandaan?? Fred Vogels @ 2017-09-01, 19:45
Ik ben diep onder de indruk van je film, video's en gecomponeerde muziek daarbij. Blijft zeer indrukwekkend om te zien. Laten we de verkregen vrijheid door hen die in WO II vielen blijven gedenken en waarderen. We leven in onzekere tijden. Fred Vogels @ 2017-09-01, 19:45
"Fred, thanks for your reply. I know that his home was in Joliet a south suburb of Chicago. I will contact my relatives and see if they can provide any photos or information for you to add regarding his service. Thank you sir for keeping his and many other service members sacrifices in all of our collective memories." Fred Vogels @ 2017-09-01, 19:45
Thank you for honoring these men that so often get overlooked! Fred Vogels @ 2017-09-01, 19:45
Congratulations on your site - it is clearly a labour of love Fred Vogels @ 2017-09-01, 19:45
I appreciate your service of bringing this all to people searching- I know from my own research records are not cheap! I purchased what I could from a researcher in St. Louis and did get some unit rosters payrolls and the morning report where Ray was listed MIA. So whatever created your passion for this even if I can't access thing from my own inability I thank you so much ! Fred Vogels @ 2017-09-01, 19:45
Thankyou very much for helping me and for the extra information, I really do appreciate it......Thankyou once again for you efforts. Fred Vogels @ 2017-09-01, 19:45
Fred, considering your own efforts, for myself I consider it a small repayment to be able to help in any way. Fred Vogels @ 2017-09-01, 19:45
"N.a.v. de Emmy voor Omaha Beach. Wow Fred wat gaaf man. Gefeliciteerd! Ha Fred, gefeliciteerd! Congratulations, Fred! Very well deserved!!! Proficiat! Mooie samenloop van omstandigheden en warm om te zien hoe iets tragisch met zoveel aandacht en egards wordt behandeld. Prachtige waardering voor je werk Fred, van harte gefeliciteerd. Van harte gefeliciteerd Fred! Een geweldige erkenning voor de prachtige muziek die je componeert. Ere wie ere toekomt, Fred!! Van harte gefeliciteerd Fred! Een geweldige erkenning voor de prachtige muziek die je componeert. Super Fred, een kroon op al je werk. Petje af." Fred Vogels @ 2017-09-01, 19:45
"Zijdelings volg ik uw inspanningen welke u doet voor de mensen die ons bevrijd hebben. Met bijgaand project probeer im daar ook een invulling aan te geven. Mijn motivatie daartoe staat in de inleiding van bijgaand rapport. Dit wilde ik gewoon met u delen. Veel succes en gefeliciteerd met uw Emmy!!" Fred Vogels @ 2017-09-01, 19:45
"Thank you so much for your efforts to put together this amazing memorial. Roland Pearce is my great great uncle; my great-grandfathers brother. Ive heard so many stories about him and seen a few pictures. But no one speaks of how he passed. His father was so heart-broken when he got the information that Roland had passed. They were so close. Last year while cleaning my great-grandfathers garage, I came across an old rusted tin box, in it was packed full of letters written back and forth between Roland and his father while Roland was overseas. I was only able to take time to read maybe 3 or 4 but plan to sit down and go thru all of them. They are very detailed. Even letters between Roland and his sweetheart back here in North Carolina. Anyhow, is there any way i could find out what happened to him, did he get sick or did he pass in action? Im not sure who got his medals. Nobody seems to know. So sad that he is buried so far from home. The rest of the family is here on the farm. Thank you so much again. I was actually able to see where he was buried, technology is amazing." Fred Vogels @ 2017-09-01, 19:45
My friend, Fred Vogels, a brilliant musician based in Amsterdam, is working on Back to Normandy, a site he create to collate stories on World War 2 -- the families of the soldiers have been very helpful. Do visit his site. This is a brilliant story for media, friends. Hope someone writes about it... Fred Vogels @ 2017-09-01, 19:45
I enjoy seeing your works on WW2 subjects. I think you are extremely talented, knowledgeable, and gifted. That's what I think. Fred Vogels @ 2017-09-01, 19:45
Thank you for providing information of our missing relative named as Pilot and Air Crew of Halifax LK709 Fred Vogels @ 2017-09-01, 19:45
Thanks for all your work to commemorate our heroes! Fred Vogels @ 2017-09-01, 19:45
"Fred I thank you for commemorating my Uncle Leslie Gilbert on this page as well as all of the other brave men and women who paid the ultimate sacrifice. We will Remember Them." Fred Vogels @ 2017-09-01, 19:45