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Only just found this information last week on my Great Uncle Sgt Owen, thankyou. Mark Skelding @ 2018-03-18, 15:28
My father-in-law was shot down from a Lancaster bomber in June of 1943 in the Netherlands
My husband and I have been doing a lot of research recently and we found your site - what a godsend!. guest @ 2018-03-16, 18:15
Fred, many thanks for posting (F: my film The Last Pilgrimage) this. I had also not seen this and will share it with my family. I was lucky enough to accompany my grandfather throughout this final pilgrimage along with all of his descendants. So on a personal note thank you for providing this memory of that period. I know that he was not always happy with filming but we are very thankful that you did. Alex Baines @ 2018-03-09, 12:20
David Walton about 4 years ago
Hello I am trying to track down some more information about the crash and any information about Mr W W Walton. I am one of his grandsons and would love to find out more about this as there is not much information about his crash in his log books.


Hey i'm surprised to discover this post, i have a contact with family of crew on this plane.
M'y parents live at Beaumerie, the town where the plane crash to night the 24 th .
I have found the parts of plane and i have total history .
Thanks to contact me. guest @ 2018-03-08, 21:48
You have built a fascinating website - I am now trawling through it to see if there are further mentions of my father's squadrons. He flew a total of 50 operations - 30 on Blenheims and Wellingtons with 40 Squadron and 20 on Venturas with 464 (RAAF) Squadron. Guest @ 2018-03-07, 11:37
St-Hubert, 7 february 2018,

Goede dag Fred,
It is with great pleasure and pride that I send you this 438 squadron certificate of merit
making you an “Honorary Wildcat".
Your tireless efforts and dedication at preserving the memory of our wartime aircrew is
nothing short of admirable. Your devotion and gift of yourself in the preservation of our air
arm’s heritage is worthy of the highest praise. Your efforts with also ensure the survival of this
proud legacy that we’ll be able to share with future Wildcats.
Once again, thank you so much. I am looking forward to our continued cooperation and
hope to one day have the opportunity to thank you in person. Should you find yourself in our
area, please make sure you contact us for a well-earned visit!

Tot ziens en bedankt!
MWO Francis Dutil

SAMS / SQN historian & archivist

438 Tactical Helicopter Squadron

Royal Canadian Air Force Francis Dutil
 @ 2018-02-21, 12:07
Tien jaar alweer... Gefeliciteerd Fred, dank voor je prachtige composities en voor de schat aan informatie die je tot nu toe bij elkaar hebt gebracht !

commentaar Fred: 15 jaar! Jacob @ 2018-02-11, 20:43
Top werk met jaren aan energie erin gestoken. Repsect en waardering! FB @ 2018-02-11, 18:43
Los van de door jou gecomponeerde muziek (die prachtig is) vind ik ook je betrokkenheid bij het onderwerp en de veteranen indrukwekkend. Je hebt met je werk heel veel mensen blij gemaakt, denk ik. Chris Houtman @ 2018-02-11, 11:31
Ik ben onder de indruk van alle werk die je hier in steekt Alex Van De Logt @ 2018-02-11, 09:07
What a nice commemoration of these Heroe's of Freedom. My late grandfather James Cox was in Lady Bay when the bombs of Hiroshima and Nagasaki were dropped before WWII finally ended and I have great respect for the great soldiers of WWII and their personal sacrifices for our countries freedom. Thank you to all whom served in this war and others like myself that the torch of freedom was past to also to preserve! Matt Cox @ 2018-02-11, 09:06
Fred wat een mooie site en een zeer interessant stuk medical support! Het beantwoord alleen niet helemaal mijn vraag, sterker nog het zorgt voor nieuwe vragen. Guest @ 2018-02-05, 10:43
Thank you for the work you do to keep alive the memory of the brave aircrews of WW2. My uncle, Albert X, was on this flight. Guest @ 2018-01-27, 12:30
As a 3 time deployed American Infantryman, and an avid history and World War enthusiast, I thought it would be a nice addition to your great site, I used it in looking up all the info I could find in my Great Uncle, because I grew up hearing the stories of what kind of man he was, and his heroic actions up until his death over France.
Thank you for the site!

“Stay the Line!” guest @ 2018-01-25, 22:21
wow!... incredible work! Guest @ 2017-12-23, 09:28
Thanks so much for sharing your work with me. It covers such a wide range of moods and emotions (including familiar themes). It lives as a beautiful tribute to the memory of all who served, suffered and sacrificed. I look forward to sharing it with people I know.

Hoping you and your family enjoy a beautiful holiday season. Guest @ 2017-12-21, 10:06
Hi Fred,

Thank you so much for your prompt reply, and thank you for the information, also the one related with your web. We will keep it in mind for future occasions. Guest @ 2017-12-04, 21:28
29TH LETS GO;););) Don Koos @ 2017-11-28, 20:41
Hallo Fred, wat een mooie compositie: krachtig, gedragen, filmisch en in alles herinnerend aan een moeilijke periode in jouw/jullie leven...... Guest @ 2017-11-12, 18:47
I'm a serving member of 438 SQN RCAF and the unit historian and archivist. My compliments on your incredible web site! Guest @ 2017-11-07, 12:08
thank you very much for the contact. There was no hope for me, but now I guess everything is possible! Thank you again! guest @ 2017-09-12, 21:00
I have just found my Uncle William D Kirton on this site. So pleased they have been remembered. guest @ 2017-09-02, 20:09
Sorry, meant to say in my earlier reply that I think you have a terrific website. Thank you for producing such a wonderful resource. Guest @ 2017-09-02, 16:51
Hello Fred, I am forgetting my manners,? I should have said thank you for all the hours of hard work you have put into making this information available to us all. My interest in the whole Arnhem operation is something I have had for most of my life. I'm 64 and have visited Arnhem and Oosterbeek many times. My uncle XXX was a huge influence in my life and I have waited far too long to try to find out more about him. When he was shot down and made a forced landing at XXX, he was as you'll know, one of the seven aircraft (out of 10) which 190 Squadron lost that day. The squadron were already feeling the impact of the previous losses in experienced crews. XXX was flying that day without a co-pilot - there were so few experienced pilots left on the squadron by then. He had instead a second bomb-aimer in the crew. Another pair of hands and pair of eyes would have bee useful but it's not the same as having two pilots. XXX died a long time ago, but I know that he paid a visit back to XXX, (I think this was in the early 1980's) When he crashed he was found by some of your brave countrymen and rescued. XXX was able to trace the family who helped him. There is near XXX a small enclosure/shrine/monument surrounded by metal fencing, I wonder if this in some way commemorates the crash? I have recently been in touch with some of the other relatives in his family. It is possible that his granddaughter has more information, including photographs. If I can find out more I would be very happy to share this with you. I am very much aware of how easy it could be for all these stories to be lost. By bringing this to a website like yours is a way of preserving our shared history. Thank you for helping me earlier, as I stumbled around with my limited PC skills. Very best wishes and thanks XXX P. S. I served with the RAF for forty years, but that's another story. Fred Vogels @ 2017-09-01, 19:45