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D-DAY side met muziek van toen (http://www.backtonormandy.org) schitterende side over d-day, met prachtige eigengemaakte composities. video's en foto's, en verhalen van veteranen Fred Vogels @ 2017-09-01, 19:45
D-Day Events in Normandy, June 2004 Thank you, Fred, for taking the time and commitment to create this site. I stand beside you in your gratitude for the sacrifice made hearly 60 years ago. Do any guests out there know of a web site that has information about ceremonies at this year's 60th Anniversary? I plan on being there. Thanks once again... Fred Vogels @ 2017-09-01, 19:45
Cool site and good music. Greatrings from Barcelona. Fred Vogels @ 2017-09-01, 19:45
My Grand Father (Fred Garner) served in the para's in WW11 in the 7th Batallion and i was wanting to find out some information. Does anyone know him, or know where i could find any details of his jumps, where he was wounded, who he jumped with? Fred Vogels @ 2017-09-01, 19:45
I'm looking for info about my great-uncle Major Robert B Arnold. He grew up in IL, but enlisted from Middlesex County NJ. He served with the US Army 207th Field Artillery battalion and was KIA 2/24/45. Buried in the Netherlands. I just received several letters he had written home, also some documents from my dad. Fred Vogels @ 2017-09-01, 19:45
Can you help me? My Dad, Robert Hollis (Sergeant Robert Hollis) was part of Headquarters Company, 8th Infantry division. He was in Normandy, northern France, Ardennes, Rhineland, Cental Europe and was part of the liberation of Dachau. He received the Bronze Star w/cluster, Combat Infantry badge, Presidential Citation, European-American-Middle Eastern Theater Ribbon w/5 bronze stars and arrowhead. I am looking for more information Fred Vogels @ 2017-09-01, 19:45
As a lyricist, I have collaborated with Fred Vogels on several occasions & found him to be a competent, original & highly talented composer. I would highly recommend him to my fellow colleagues. Fred Vogels @ 2017-09-01, 19:45
Brilliant! Astonishing! An epic piece of work. Fred Vogels @ 2017-09-01, 19:45
Beautiful and deep Dear Fred, I'm a Christian in the United States and I wanted to tell you that I listened to your music. Your music is beautiful and deep. You must be a man with a very deep heart.. Thank you for inviting me to hear it. God has gifted you. In Him, Fred Vogels @ 2017-09-01, 19:45
Back to Normandy is a great site. my uncle fought with 12th infantry regiment 4th infantry division at utah beach. He would go on to fight and survive subsequent campaigns through france and germany. i am very proud of him and ALL WW2 vets who sacrificed so much. God bless them all. steve jump Fred Vogels @ 2017-09-01, 19:45
Back to Normandy A place for Fred Vogels To advance his excellent Back to Normandy Website Fred Vogels @ 2017-09-01, 19:45
Allereerst; Zeer aangrijpende beelden. De muziek zeer doeltreffend. Als ik het goed begrijp dan heb je de muziek gecomponeerd rechtstreeks op de beelden en vastgelegd m.b.v. samples. Heb je het daarna nog eens LIVE met een orkest ingespeeld? Of zijn het allemaal samples. Zo ja; dan zijn het heel mooie samples. Het gebruik van 4 computers is me niet geheel duidelijk. Zou leuk zijn om daar nog eens verder over te praten. Mijn mening dus; doeltreffend, pakkend en prachtig gedaan. Fred Vogels @ 2017-09-01, 19:45
After request and research by Back to Normandy: Thank you so much for what you have done to help us. It was very kind of you, and my father and I are very grateful to you. Fred Vogels @ 2017-09-01, 19:45
Absolutely beautful, Fred. My mother's words and your music are incredible. Thank you. Nellie van Roelie Fred Vogels @ 2017-09-01, 19:45
About Night and Fog: The music is so well done, so beautiful, so dramatic, so devastating... it tells it's story of the Holocaust, as all such music should. Thanks for uploading with the footage. Fred Vogels @ 2017-09-01, 19:45
A special thanks this Memorial Day to all Veterans, especially World War II Veterans, which my Father was in. His name is Wilfred Bruce; in Battle of the Bulge, etc. He passed away May 22, 2002, w/o having securedhis WWII records or replacement medals. If anyone knows of him, please contact me at the above email address. Thank you. I am his daughter, Bruce Jr. My Father was 77 when he passed away. Sometimes we wait too late to listen, which I did... for all of those who fought, forgive me please - I am so interested now andhave no one to talk to about the war. Thank you - May God Bless and keep you all safe and sound from here on to eternity.... Much love & appreciation Bruce, Jr. Fred Vogels @ 2017-09-01, 19:45
1st class Fred ! Great Work ! Fred Vogels @ 2017-09-01, 19:45
Dear Fred, Our family wants to thank you for a beautiful and wonderful posting for our Uncle Donald. We thank you for honoring Donald, no one could have done it with more respect and appreciation. Again thanks you, Gregg and Nancy Heilman Fred Vogels @ 2017-09-01, 19:45
Zoon van mijn zuster die prachtige muziek componeerde. Ik luister en hoor klanken die in mijn hart hun echo vinden - Fred Vogels @ 2017-09-01, 19:45
Fred Vogels, at last he gets what he deserves! A super contract with TALPA. Big Hug from Rene Laanen Fred Vogels @ 2017-09-01, 19:45
Fred, Thanks so much. You really went out of your way to help me try to find some answers. I can't tell you how much that means to me. So thank you and God bless. Fred Vogels @ 2017-09-01, 19:45
Your music touches me in ways I can't yet explain. Your site has inspired me to learn more about Normandy and where my father was during that time. He died about 6 years back and is greatly missed. It's hard to become the older generation in our family now! Thanks again for your efforts and passion to keep this history and its impact on our world in front of people. Fred Vogels @ 2017-09-01, 19:45
27th April 1945. The cannons thundered the whole night and it was early in the morning that American troops liberated our concentration camp near the village of Tuerckheim, in Bavaria. No outburst, surely, in enemy country, but for us, the final certitude to be free and alive. Only fourteen years old and already for me to be aware of all the human cruelty ? I should say inhuman cruelty, against us. A little lost, naturally ? what to do with this new freedom? ? I walked in Tuerckheim, looking for somebody friendly, when a G.I., very tall, addressed sharply to me. I didn't understand English, so I showed him my forearm on which very clearly he could see my tattooed registration number of concentration camp. Then, very simply, without comment, he took my hand and we went in a well stocked shop on the village place. Before a mirror, the G.I. gave me one dress after another, one too long, the other ugly. I was very moved of gratitude for this man, ready to continue to fight, because the war was not yet finished, and being concerned to decently dress a concentration girl with rags. We took a dress, without paying, the shopkeeper looking us hostile, me finally decently dressed, and the soldier very self-satisfied apparently. With a strong voice he said ?BYE-BYE?, let me, and disappeared in the distance. I don?t more remember his face, but still today, I keep memory of this simple and human soldier who could give me back the appearance of a free girl. If he is still alive ? and I hope it so much ? I would like that he knows that I often think about him and it would be marvellous if he could recognise himself in this story.? Mrs. Marie LIPSTADT-PINHAS ? Brussels. Liberated from concentration camp TURKHEIM (DACHAU) on 27th april 1945, by 7th US ARMY, 10th armored division Fred Vogels @ 2017-09-01, 19:45