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Hi I am the daughter of a soldier who was wounded in France following the Normandy Landings. I have just found out he was in the 15th Scotish division. He was injured in Operation Bluecoat with his best man. sadly his friend died of his injuries and my dad although having recieved a wound to his head survied and came home. I still have the tin helmet complete with bullet hole and the telegram sent to my Mum to inform her of him being injured. Both my parents have now died and I would like to find out more information about his regiment or any thing. His name was Charles(Charlie) Wright and my Mum was Amelia (Millie/Mim) nee Biggs. The Best man was called W d Merry. My mum and dad also got married during the War on 15th January 1944. any info would be appreciated thanks Lynn Freeman Fred Vogels @ 2017-09-01, 19:45
Hi Fred.....What a beautiful, evocative and wonderful web site you have presented for the memories and enjoyment of veterans and their families from all over the free world. I plan to return to this site many times to experience as much as I can. Best wishes for your continuing success in this and future endeavors. You are helping us all to remember that Freedom Isn't Free. Warmest Regards, Cliff Stark Fred Vogels @ 2017-09-01, 19:45
Hi Fred. The information on your site is brilliant. You deserve a lot of praise for your hard work. Fred Vogels @ 2017-09-01, 19:45
Hi Fred! Je hebt een fantastische multimedia presentatie gemaakt voor de opening van onze turnhal. Het is inmiddels al enige tijd geleden, maar het gaf de openingsceremonie precies het smoel waar we naar zochten. De presentatie is ook op onze website gezet: http://www.topturnen.nl => Reportages. Nog heel hartelijk dank voor je moeite en snelle respons op onze vraag. Heel veel creatief succes gewenst verder. Namens TON, Martijn Loots. Fred Vogels @ 2017-09-01, 19:45
Hi Fred! Dropped in to your website ? most excellent ? good work! Your composition is very good too! Haven?t had time to explore your site further yet?? but it looks very interesting. You are most welcome to visit our site at www.sosabowski.com Fred Vogels @ 2017-09-01, 19:45
Hi Fred, Just found the site, amazing place! Fred Vogels @ 2017-09-01, 19:45
Hi Fred, can you send me your email address to send the photo of my grandfather so that you can publish it, sorry its taken so long but I misplaced it but have found it, you can contact me o_n . Thanks Pam English Fred Vogels @ 2017-09-01, 19:45
hi fred D DAY will always be the day thousand of joung men where killed to give us freedom i just returned from washinghton d.c and was very much touched by all those old veterans that still where a live and we all joined hands and prayed for all those that had died on the front line . my self i remember sinds i was a slafe laborer for the nazis the dind believe it happen and we did have to work until bitter end .thanks for jour mesage josie Fred Vogels @ 2017-09-01, 19:45
Hi a relative of the British 1st airborne gave us a link to this site. Thanks we like it very much. We also live in the Netherlands and were liberated by the American 104th Infantry Division http://home.wanadoo.nl/a.e.c.oostvogels/Liberation.htm. Good luck, Teun and Bart Fred Vogels @ 2017-09-01, 19:45
Het moest even inwerken, want de beelden blijven schokkend. Jouw muziek heb ik met bewondering en grote waardering beluisterd. je geeft deze documentaire zonder gesproken woord nog meer lading, hulde. Ik hoop dat je meer van dit soort scores zult kunnen maken. Fred Vogels @ 2017-09-01, 19:45
Help? My father, Clayton Weiker. just passed away on Dec 10 this year. He was the chauffer for the commanding officer of the 50th. General Hospital at Normandy. He told me very little about the experience and now I would like to find out more.if anyone could give me some help on where to look for more info. I would be thrilled. Thanks Fred Vogels @ 2017-09-01, 19:45
Hello: My name is Marion and I recently created a site in June that is dedicated to my father and his fellow VI Corps Engineers. My father had passed away when I was 12 and all I had left were some campaign ribbons, a few photos and some patches and pins. I had tried several times in the past to accrue info on his tour of duty in the ETO from 1943-1945, but always hit a dead-end. Well, because I am very tenacious, I never gave up and began my search again in earnest this spring. Well, the pursuit paid off and in May of this year, I started receiving letters from WWII engineers and everything has been on the upswing ever since. I guess good things come to those who wait! If you have a chance, please stop by our site and take a look around. If you are so inclined, sign our guestbook and even join our forum. Please note that the site is still in it's infancy and I am adding info on an almost daily basis. Keep up the great work. I have placed a link to your site on my Links Page. Marion Chard Proud daughter of Walter (Monday) Poniedzialek Company C, 1st Battalion, 540th Combat Engineers, VI Corps WWII Fred Vogels @ 2017-09-01, 19:45
Hello, Found your site and Love it! We are stationed in Germany right now and loving it. We are right down the road from where most of the Battle of the Buldge took place. The history here is amazing. Any questions you might have just let me know. Fred Vogels @ 2017-09-01, 19:45
Hello your site is fantastic. What a learning curve I have been on. Thankyou very much for sharing your knowledge with the world. It is sites like this which will help to keep the memory of all those brave men who gave their all for our future ALIVE. Elsie Fred Vogels @ 2017-09-01, 19:45
Hello Mr. Vogels, I am a high school student in Loveland Colorado and I am doing a project on fighter pilots of WWII. I have found your music and Market Garden truly moves me. May I please have your permission to incorporate this song into my presentation? I would be honored to play it and I believe it will help make a profound impact on my audience. Thank you so much Chris Fred Vogels @ 2017-09-01, 19:45
Hello Fred, seems like a zillion years ago we met on Omaha Beach, during the 60th commemoration of D-Day. I remember the sun rising over a misty but calm sea, the wide beaches mostly desolate of people... Will be there again this June, for the 63rd commemoration. Check out my new website: over 1.300 pages on the US Paratroops during WWII. Not just their Stories, but massive Menu's about their Gear, Personal Items, Rations, Helmets, Songs, Lyrics, Databases, Patches etc. The biggest Online Scrapbook and Visual Database, and free for all. Lets make sure WWII is remembered by generations to come. pararesearchteam.com LEST WE FORGET OUR LIBERATORS ! Fred Vogels @ 2017-09-01, 19:45
Hello Fred, seems like a zillion years ago we met on Omaha Beach, during the 60th commemoration of D-Day. I remember the sun rising over a misty but calm sea, the wide beaches mostly desolate of people... LEST WE FORGET OUR LIBERATORS ! Fred Vogels @ 2017-09-01, 19:45
Hello Fred, it's a good thing we met on D-Day. It is not often i come accross somebody who shares my vision on commemorations: IT IS ABOUT THEM, not about you !!! Lest we forget, all for the Vets ! Have updated our website again with even more D-Day 2004 pictures (150+ now). Event Section: D-Day 2004 & Update Submenu. Fred Vogels @ 2017-09-01, 19:45
Happy Birthday to a great website. 10 years old and still going strong. Many many more years of telling the real story of D Day. Fred Vogels @ 2017-09-01, 19:45
Hallo Fred! Da's lang geleden, ik weet 't nog goed: M'n eerste drumlessen in de muziekschool van Almelo. Goh, wat heb ik het nog vaak over je gehad, nu nog af en toe. Vol bewondering voor die tijd! En weet je? Alles lijkt goed te gaan komen, surf maar eens naar m'n website. Bedankt voor die tijd en een groet, Joost Visser... Fred Vogels @ 2017-09-01, 19:45
Hallo Fred, ik kom heel toevallig op je site terecht. Het gaat goed zo te zien. Met mij gaat het het ook goed, ben aardig druk in verschillende bands, dus de strenge lessen hebben me toch goed gedaan. ;-) Speel je zelf ook nog drums of ben je alleen maar druk met schrijven? Nou de groeten uit Almelo, Martin Geerdink Fred Vogels @ 2017-09-01, 19:45
Hallo Fred, even naar je site gekeken en een paar stukjes muziek beluisterd... Ben nog onder de indruk van beide. Wens je het allerbeste, en, zoals ze bij ons zeggen, olie drijft boven ! Eveneens bedankt voor je reaktie ! Fred Vogels @ 2017-09-01, 19:45
Had al eens fragmenten uit deze film gezien maar het geheel is shocking en zeer indringend. Fraaie muziek die situaties versterkt, afzwakt of ondersteund. Mijn Joodse vader heeft in een concentratiekamp gezeten (samen met violist Benny Behr, voormalig concertmeester van het Metropole) maar is uiteindelijk net op tijd vrij gekomen. Onbeschrijfelijk wat daar zich allemaal heeft afgespeeld. Halverwege de film wilde ik afhaken maar heb het toch helemaal gezien. Het totaal heeft een diepe indruk bij mij achtergelaten. Lijkt mij zeer lastig als je aan het componeren bent om de beelden vaak te zien. Knap werk. Fred Vogels @ 2017-09-01, 19:45
Great Site. Fantastic!! Fred Vogels @ 2017-09-01, 19:45