American Cemetery and Memorial in GPS

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The Normandy American Cemetery and Memorial is an American military cemetery and monument in memory of the deceased American soldiers at the time of the battle of Normandy, World War II. The cemetery is divided in 10 Plots.

American Cemetery and Memorial in GPS. A project (first phase) I wanted to do for a long time, is finally finished. From here I will make other features to give everybody a more clear view of all the people, buried on this cemetery.

I have published 10624 American soldiers burried or commemorated on the wall on this cemetery by exact GPS location of their graves. So it will be possible to locate the graves in Google Map. When you visit the Cemetery and you have an internet connection it will be very easy to find the grave with your mobilephone. For practical reasons it was too difficult to plot the names, present in the Garden of missing persons on a map.

When you visit my pages with maps of the American divisions (with records and locations) you will also see the graves of the particulair division or the units who where attached to that division. You have to zoom in the area of Omaha Beach and the cemetery.

Graves by plot:
10624 seperate records:
You can always use the advanced search function:
More figures about this cemetery:
Count of the graves by unit:
Count of the graves by state/country:
Overview and possibility for searching names, ranks, servicenumber, state, plot-row-grave, coördinates: . Takes time to load!

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