I am glad to see you here!

Please also enjoy my music for Back to Normandy and all my other compositions divided over 12 albums.

Special attention here for the two albums: Omaha Beach and Back to Normandy! 

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Do you want to play a composition of Fred Vogels?

Do you want to play a composition of Fred Vogels about the story of D-Day? With the original pictures?!
Experience yourself the first hours of D-Day, the preparation, and the first shooting of the Taskforce on the Normandy coast.

I combined a few original Back to Normandy compositions to one complete version to play with a video.


Look at this demo to practice with on YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hOanr_Zja7k

You can order the music and download the film here: http://www.molenaar.com/web/Details.aspx?isartist=0&id=20042