Why this site?

14 years 5 months ago #2 by fredvogels
fredvogels created the topic: Why this site?
Why another forum? Especially in the Back to Normandy site?
One of the means to personally deal with war situations, has been....
and is creativity. To solve all kind of problems, express feelings, to keep up. In this forum I hope people will meet in this forum, telling
their own story or reading someone else's story. Because it is very important to know and to learn how people used their creativity to survive the most difficult situations.
Back to Normandy is a metaphor which expresses for me ?Fred Vogels - the ultimate goals:

Back to the place where the peace for us and our children began
Back to the remembrance of those who gave there lives for our liberation
Back to our responsibility to keep and serve the peace in our country?s, neighbourhood, our family
Back to our own abilities (as creativity) to create a better world

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