6 June 2013

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A very interesting day start at the cathedral in Bayeux with a very inspired padre named Mandy. She did a very nice and short service. Only thing which was strange that not the veterans were sitting on the first rows but serving military and other important people.

Just after the service, out of the sight of the veterans one of the serving military died. Heart attack?
We moved to the cemetery. This service was delayed by a lot of confusion and miscommunication which resulted in a program: no music, no bugler, no last post, no reveille and a poor chaplain of the Royal British Legion to sing the whole repertoire on his own. I felt for him, he tried.
It seems that the NVA and the British Legion are not getting along with each other. The whole ceremony was a mess.

In the cemetery we (Alastair and I gave an interview to John Lichfield (wellknown Paris correspondent of The Independant). Explaining a bit more about the NVA DVD Appeal.

After doing some work about the DVD Appeal I met the officers of the Princess Irene Brigade. Enough disturb to write an article of this experience with Dutch arrogance.


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