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Hi I am the daughter of a soldier who was wounded in France following the Normandy Landings.  I have just found out he was in the 15th Scotish division. <BR>He was injured in Operation Bluecoat with his best man.  Sadly his friend died of his injuries and my dad although having recieved a wound to his head survied and came home.  <BR>I still have the tin helmet complete with bullet hole and the telegram sent to my Mum to inform her of him being injured.  <BR>Both my parents have now died and I would like to find out more information about his regiment or any thing. His name was Charles(Charlie) Wright and my Mum was Amelia (Millie/Mim) nee Biggs. The Best man was called W d Merry.  <BR>My mum and dad also got married during the War o­n 15th January 1944. any info would be appreciated<BR><BR>thanks <BR>Lynn Freeman

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