How to get an accreditation for the 70 Anniversay of D-Day

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If you want to visit Normandy during the 70th Anniversary (June 2014) and you want to travel (with a reason) through the area, you will need an accreditation.
This information from might be helpful:

The MOD’s DDay70 page has not gone live yet but I have managed to get hold of the MOD form required to apply for accreditation needed to attend ceremonies in Normandy on 6th June.

If you are travelling with a tour operator you will still have to complete this form but it may be worth checking with the company to see if they are doing anything on your behalf: but do not assume they are. If in doubt fill in the form and send it off.

Many have asked what the cost is for accreditation: please note there is no cost involved.
If you have any queries regarding this then contact the MOD direct.

The form states:
Please return your completed forms to the MOD Ceremonial, Events and Commemorations Team by post or by e-mail as soon as possible but no later than 30 April 2014.

D-Day 70, CECT, Lvl 6 Zone C,
MOD Main Building,

Download here!

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