9th Division 39th Infantry Regiment

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Who can help! Please reply to this post or to http://www.backtonormandy.org/contact.html

Wanted to contact you because I am looking for some information about the 9th Division 39th Infantry Regiment. My father was a medical officer in that regiment. He was stationed in England and then landed on Utah Beach DDay 3 or so (he said D Day 3 but other accounts say the 39th landed later). The specific thing I'm trying to find out is the English estate where his group was bivouaced
(sp?) while in southern England. He talked a lot about the place….the owner had moved ton Australia for the duration….He had plants from all over the world and his gardener told my dad that the only plant he couldn't get to grow there was the rhododendron

I know this is probably not the sort of information your group is interested in
(: but if you know anything about this I would appreciate hearing it.

I have Daddy's helmet with the triple a bar none insignia on it. He manned a battlefield aide station throughout all the major campaigns in France and crossed into Germany over the Remagen bridge.

Thank you!

Celeste Phillips
My father was Captain Benjamin M Oliver, Jr., MD

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