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by Fred Vogels

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The beaches of Normandy and the countryside nearby are beautiful, peaceful, and picturesque. But they were not always so – in June 1944 they saw some of the fiercest fightings of the Second World War and some of the most heroic acts of bravery and courage seen on a battlefield. The sheer valor of the men who landed on the beaches of Normandy on that wet and windy morning of the 6th of June 1944 changed the course of history and ensured that the evil forces of Nazism were defeated and that freedom returned to Europe. Those beaches and the adjoining countryside are visited by many thousands of people of all nationalities. Each year, all interested, for one reason or another, to see where the action took place or perhaps to trace the footsteps of a member of their family who fought in the Normandy campaign or to see where a particular regiment or military unit fought and won on D-Day. I hope you will be able to help, by sharing your stories, photos, and historical locations. By doing so you will be assisting all those who wish to learn more about World War II and helping to preserve the spirit of those courageous men who fought and died on the beaches of Normandy – the beginning of the liberation of Western Europe. And let's not forget all the airmen and sailors who made this invasion possible in the years beyond. All these men and women commemorated on this website, earn your attention.


WWII starts in Poland

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WWII ends in Germany

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My Music, My War
Fred Vogels’ short film offers a captivating and unconventional glimpse into the life and musical journey of a talented musician and composer. Through a combination of personal anecdotes and a rich tapestry of his music, Vogels takes us on a unique and introspective ride through his musical history. From his early days with The Hague Philharmonic to his contributions to the world of TV and cinema, we witness the evolution of his creative talents.
What sets this film apart is its profound focus on Vogels’ deep passion for understanding World War II, which becomes a central thread weaving together his music, history, and the horrors of war. His genuine appreciation for veterans and their stories adds a heartwarming dimension to the narrative, emphasizing the human connection in the face of loss and sacrifice.
The film skillfully interweaves Vogels’ personal visits to Normandy with his other musical achievements, creating a compelling juxtaposition between the tranquil landscapes of Normandy and the powerful emotions conveyed through his compositions. The use of archival footage and stills adds depth and context to his musical odyssey, making this an insightful and biographical journey.
Fred Vogels emerges as a skilled musician and composer whose artistry is intimately connected to his profound exploration of history and humanity. His short film offers viewers a unique blend of music, emotion, and biography, making it a thought-provoking and experimental cinematic experience that leaves a lasting impression.

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